Why Invest in Germany Properties

  • No additional property tax for foreign buyers.
  • The low entry barrier,comparatively low prices, secure investment and high growth potential mean great value opportunities.
  • There is a growing supply gap each year. Around 30.000 new apartments have been built till 2019, which is still well below the current requirement of 400.000 residential units.
  • The drive is partly due to the sustained high demand for housing, which is expected to continue in view of the refugee migration. Consequently, new letting agreements and prices have increased significantly.

Why invest in Berlin?

  • Housing prices have increased 20% each year.
  • Rising rents across the whole of Berlin. Over the past ten years rents have almost doubled.
  • A strong population increase in the capital. In 2020, Berlin’s population rose by 3.426.000 inhabitants.
  • The influx is due to refugees and strong work migration. Berlin has a booming IT and startup economy which attracts many workers from abroad.
  • Berlin will have their rents frozen for five years and capped at €9.80 ($10.90) per square meter. Landlords cannot charge rents higher than what the previous tenant paid, and, should their rent be above the limit set out in a “rent table,” tenants can even sue to have their rent lowered. From 2022, landlords will be allowed to raise rents in line with inflation of 1.3% per year.

Source: JLL Residential City Profil – Berlin 2019