What Do Fat Burning Diet Pills Do?

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It’s easy to come to the wrong conclusion about fat burners. Fat burners are not miracle pills, they’re not stimulant diet pills, and they won’t make you shed weight immediately. However, when used correctly, fat burners can be one of the many tools used to help you achieve your personal body weight goals.

At a Glance

  • Fat burners can help subtly boost your overall metabolism, leading to burning more fatty acids.
  • Combined with diet and exercise, fat burners may help you burn some extra calories, but they aren’t miracle pills.
  • Natural ingredients are king in fat burners, with things like green tea and caffeine coming out on top in scientific studies.

Chemical Changes in the Body

Fat burners work by naturally boosting your body’s metabolism. It’s like giving your body that little extra nudge toward burning more fat. While these changes can be subtle at first, the weight loss can really add up, helping you burn off those stubborn calories.

Thermogenesis is one of the main targets of fat-burning pills. This refers to the heat output by your body during metabolic processes. While that may seem daunting, it basically means how your body burns calories to maintain overall temperature. Keeping a slightly higher level of thermogenesis can help burn slightly more calories, helping you break through that stubborn weight plateau. While you’re not going to be in thermogenesis constantly, putting your body into that state a couple of times a day can lead to real results.

Lipolysis is when your body breaks down stored fat reserves. Having fat reserves is a healthy part of being a mammal, and without them, several natural body functions would cease to, well, function. However, if you’re looking to reduce your overall weight, getting your body to burn a bit more of your reserves can be a real win. While lipolysis can’t be set off through supplements alone, a combination of supplements and exercise can help you boost this natural process.

Fat Burner Side Effects

In general, fat burners are ridiculously safe to use, especially when compared with old dieting methods. Since these products are largely natural and use herbal supplements, overall, you’re looking at significantly low risk of side effects. The worst side effects are those already attributed to things like caffeine, mainly insomnia, and general jitteriness. As with any supplement, you should double-check you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients before starting to take this supplement and should also talk to a doctor or nutrition specialist before starting a new diet or routine.

In general, taking fat burners in the morning can help reduce the overall jitteriness you feel, and can help kickstart your day. They also may have a moderate appetite suppressing quality thanks to the presence of caffeine, which can help incrementally boost your weight loss overall.

How to Use Fat Burners

Let’s be honest here: if you don’t work out, fat burners aren’t going to do anything for you. Fat burners are not miracle pills, they’re tools to help you incrementally increase your weight loss while also moving your body. If your body isn’t moving, odds are fat burners aren’t going to be much use to you. Fat burners require you to work your metabolism and help boost that process once it is going. You want to balance what you eat and how you work out. Starving yourself is never a good thing but maintaining a slight caloric deficit can help you burn more stored fats while also building more muscle. Remember, the overall goal is to be able to enjoy your healthier body, not punish yourself.

Top Fat Burning Ingredients to Look For

With so many different fat burners on the market, it can be hard to navigate what far burners actually work. That’s why you should check the label on any fat burner, to make sure you’re investing in natural, high-quality ingredients that will kickstart your metabolism.

Green tea extract is an incredible fat burning aid and should be included in your ideal fat burner. Not only is green tea incredible for your body, some studies have tied it to fat burn during rest as well as exercise, meaning it’s a double threat for that stubborn fat that just won’t leave.

Another natural ingredient is L-carnitine. While you should be careful taking L-carnitine if you have a heart condition, as it directly impacts blood flow, it can help stimulate your body to burn more fat, and as it’s already produced in your body you can rest easy knowing it’s all-natural.

Caffeine is a household name for a reason. You can find this in everything from chocolate to coffee, and it just may help you burn weight. Known for potentially setting off thermogenesis, many fat burners will have caffeine as a main ingredient. Be aware, however, that high levels of caffeine can lead to jitteriness and sleepless nights, so use caution.

Finally, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) has been shown to potentially help your body burn fat more efficiently. Again, while it’s no miracle cure, this ingredient could be the tipping point to help you slowly work off those stubborn pounds, so it’s worth looking for when scouring the shelves for your next fat burner of choice.


While fat burners are far from a miracle solution for every diet, if you find yourself looking to get more overall weight loss out of your daily exercise regimen, and are hoping to balance an excellent diet and body movement for a healthier lifestyle, fat burners may be for you. By using natural ingredients and things produced naturally by your body, you can potentially kickstart your body’s metabolism, leading to gradual, sustainable weight loss over time.

Of course, be sure to talk to your doctor before starting any new supplement, medication, or workout routine, and be sure to practice healthy nutritional habits when looking for long-term weight loss. After all, the best way to ensure your body stays healthy is to treat it well, give it the fuel it needs, and listen to its needs.

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