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Needless to say, air conditioners are pretty much priceless when it comes to giving you comfort and keeping you from harsh outdoor conditions. However, the conventional air coolers also make the electricity bill go up steadily. And with portable air coolers, you can save up to 50 percent of your monthly electricity bill.

Now, when it comes to portable air conditioning systems, the one gaining a lot of popularity is the portable ChillWell AC unit. And if you go through the ChillWell AC reviews, you will notice most customers are recommending it over traditional air conditioning units.

But are the reviews really showing you the right picture? Can the ChillWell AC unit actually replace window air conditioner units or traditional air coolers? In-depth discussion, we will let you know everything about it!

But the one big question all consumers are asking is – are the ChillWell Portable AC reviews telling you the truth? Uncover the truth by going through our in-depth investigation.

What Is ChillWell AC?

Before we get further into the discussion, we would like to ensure that you know what ChillWell air cooler is. Well, you might already know that it is a portable air cooler that utilizes cordless cooling technology. When the brand is referring to cordless technology, they refer to the portable AC having a battery.

Nonetheless, the portable air cooler is different from a regular air conditioning system. While those are for providing cold air to the room, the ChillWell AC will provide chilly air to your surrounding. Due to its portable nature, you can take the air cooler to your kitchen, workspace, and office to keep the surrounding air cool.

Now, you might be wondering about the energy-efficient part of this personal air cooler? Well, with the ChillWell air cooler, you will be keeping the air of your personal space cool, not the entire room. In other words, the personal space cooler can help you stay cool without consuming too much power.

Highlighted Features

  • Portable and cordless
  • Energy efficient
  • Can rapidly cool a room
  • Slashes electricity bills
  • Has four different fan speeds

Features of ChillWell AC Explained

At this point of the ChillWell AC review, we want to go through the features that ChillWell AC brings. It will help you to get a better understanding of the ChillWell Portable Air cooler.

Rapid Cooling Action

Traditional air cooling systems will try to provide cool air to the entire house room. That makes them comparatively slow. On the other hand, the ChillWell AC directs air in just one area. That makes the air conditioning system work exceptionally fast.

Big Savings

While the regular air conditioners will make the electricity bills climb up rapidly, the ChillWell AC will help to bring them down. As the portable AC only focuses on a single area, it does not require that much power. Also, the cooling mechanism of the ChillWell portable AC is highly power efficient.

Smart Home Cooling

The air conditioner requires a little amount of energy to get a particular area cool. And as it will increase the moisture content of the air, there will be considerably less amount of dust particles in the air. So, with chilled air, you will also breathe fresh air with the ChillWell portable AC.

Night Light

Another great thing about the ChillWell portable AC is that it comes with a night light. It will help to add an ambiance or mood light to the room. And the warm mood lighting can make further enhance the comfort you will get from the cooling breeze.

On that note, the color of the LED lights is highly adjustable. You can put the lights on red, blue, white, purple, teal, yellow, and green.

Extra Cooling Capacity

You can keep the cooling cartridge of the ChillWell portable AC into the freezer. That will maximize the chilling efficiency and increase the intensity of the cool air. Also, You can put ice cubes into the water tank to further enhance the intensity. And with the ice cubes inside the water tank, you can get the area chilly exceptionally fast.

Turbo Cooling Mode

There are four different fan speeds available. And each of the speeds of the ChillWell AC is for a particular cooling scenario. Among all, there is one called turbo cooling mode. That will provide extra power and allow you to get the room filled with cool and humid air quickly.

Easy to Use

While most of the portable cooler models will require you to go through too many steps to get things started, ChillWell AC keeps things simple. Even the water tank and the fan speed buttons are easy to work with.

The same thing goes for the setup process. You just need to keep the air conditioner on a flat surface, fill the water tank, and select a fan speed to enjoy chilly and humid air. And as there is no need to go through extra installation hassles, you will not need to worry about the additional cost of getting the extra hardware.

Furthermore, charging the device is an effortless task. It has a USB cable at a highly accessible point. Also, you will have total control over the airflow. You just have to adjust the air direction tab to get the chilly air redirected to your preferred spot.

Ideal For Loads of Different Spaces

The ChillWell AC comes with a rechargeable battery. For that reason, you will not have to worry about not having a power outlet near you. Just set the unit up and turn the power button on to enjoy the chilly air.

Easy to Maintain

Unlike the HVAC systems, you will not need to go through extra hassles to maintain the ChillWell portable air cooler. The packaging also comes with proper manuals that will guide you through the process.

How ChillWell Air Cooler Works?

The manufacturer of ChillWell Portable AC has integrated such a design into the air conditioner so that it becomes easy to use. You need to charge the air cooler, soak the cooling cartridge with water, and then start enjoying the cool air. Even though soaking the cooling cartridge might sound like a difficult task, it is not.

To get the cooling cartridge soaked, you just need to put some water into the unit. And right after turning the air cooler on, you will get the Hydro-Chill Technology to do its thing. This technology will start to turn the warm air into moist and cold air.

In comparison, a traditional air conditioner would utilize the evaporative cooling mechanism. And the evaporative cooling process will remove the moisture from the air to bring the temperature down. Then, the cooler will cycle the hot air outside of the room to help lower the air temperature even further.

However, if you take a look at the ChillWell AC reviews, you will not notice people saying that they have faced a dry air problem. Well, that is because the cooling system does not remove moisture from the air. Instead, it utilizes the cooling cartridge to add moisture to the air while providing cooler air.

Considering that, the users will not experience flaky and dry skin problems while keeping these personal air coolers on. And as it works without removing the moisture from the cool air, you will be creating a highly comfortable environment with cool air with the ChillWell AC.

How Does ChillWell Portable AC Cool The Air?

To have a better idea regarding the ChillWell Portable AC, our research and editorial team did an intensive digging into the product. And we did manage to learn the science behind the cooling technology that ChillWell is utilizing for their high-quality products.

So, the secret of the ChillWell AC is mostly the cooling cartridge. With the Hydro-Chill technology, that cooling cartridge can offer effective cooling to a particular area. As we have mentioned earlier, you will need to soak the cartridge and add it to the AC. After running the fan on, the fan will rely on the cartridge to get the air cool.

That said, before using the AC, you will need to fill up the water tank as well. And you will have the option to add ice to the water tank. Through that, you can enhance the effectiveness of the cooling mechanism and make the AC cool you down exceptionally fast.

The fans will blast dry and warm air into the cartridge when you turn the air conditioner on. With the power of evaporation, the cartridge will then add moisture to the air and bring the temperature down. Evaporation is basically a natural reaction that requires heat.

During the process, the dry air will enter through one side and leave from the other. And along the process, the air will gain more moisture content, which will bring its temperature down.

There are four different settings available as well. In the maximum settings, you can get a rapid cooling effect without the dryness. You will also have the option to change the direction of the air. That will enable you to effectively get the chilly air flowing in a particular area.

What is The Cooling Cartridge Made of?

The cooling cartridge is basically from a sponge material. It absorbs water and holds onto it until the evaporation process kicks in. And the higher the temperature of the air, the lower the humidity there will be. So, if your surrounding air has a high temperature, the sponge has to do a lot of work.

Nonetheless, when the temperature is high, more evaporation will take place when you turn the ChillWell AC on . And after a few moments of the evaporation process kicking in, you will be capable of enjoying the cooling comfort that the portable air cooler has to bring to the table.

On that note, no indication will tell you when to replace the cartridge. But ChillWell recommends replacing the cooling cartridge every one to three months. And this time frame will highly depend on the usage. In other words, if you are using the AC heavily, you should get the cartridge replaced after one month of use.

Tech Specs of ChillWell AC

Want to know the nitty-gritty details of the air conditioner? Here are the tech specs laid out conveniently for you:

  • Length: 6.69”
  • Height: 6.30”
  • Width: 5.71”
  • Weight: 1lb 13.5oz
  • Water Tank Size: 550 mL
  • Battery Life: Up to 12 hours on Low, 10 hours on Medium, and 8 hours on High

Run Time (With Single Water Tank Fill): Depending on the speed and the temperature, the ChillWell AC can operate for anywhere between 8 hours to 12 hours

On that note, you will not have to rely on the battery mode all the time. You can run the AC in the plugged-in mode. And this convenient feature can come in handy if you have a power outlet near you and keep the battery charged for emergencies.

How To Use and Setup The ChillWell AC

We have already stated that the AC has a user-friendly design. The brand has perfected the design to ensure anyone can use it without going through any issues. And you will not have to worry one bit even if you do not have any technical skills. Nonetheless, here is the setup and usage procedure explained for you:

Charging The ChillWell AC

To charge the unit, you will need to first put it on top of a flat surface, for example, a desk or a table. Get the cable that came with the box and plug the small end into the USB port of the AC. Plug the other end into a charging brick and put the power adapter into a wall outlet.

On that note, you will not get a power adapter with the purchase. You would need to rely on the adapter that you charge your phone with. Alternatively, you can plug the large end of the USB cable into your laptop. However, do note that the power adapters will be capable of charging the AC faster than the other pots on the laptop.

After making the connection, you will notice that the charging light on the AC Is blinking. And when the battery is fully charged, the charging indicator will stop blinking. It will have a solid flash.

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Setting Up The ChillWell AC

First, remove the cooling cartridge off the AC from the drawer tab. Pre-soak the cartridge by putting it in cold water. You can keep the cartridge in a freezer for extra cooling capability and wait for it to get completely frozen. Place it back in the drawer when you are done with the soaking or freezing.

Open the water tank and slowly pour water into it. Fill it to the top level or leave a little bit of space left for some ice cubes. After that, you should close the water tank.

Using the ChillWell AC

There is a fan button on the AC. You should press it to get the device started. After that, the device should automatically enter the high-speed mode. But you will have the option to change the speed. Pressing the button twice will get you in the Medium mode. And if you press it three times, it will get in the Low mode.

Additionally, you can press the “+” button to enter the Turbo mode. That mode will maximize the fan speed and cooling capacity. Also, you will notice an air direction tab on the unit. You should use it to adjust the airflow direction. It can be brought down or up.

To adjust the lighting, you should press the “Sun” button. With each press, the light will cycle through the different available colors. And to control the cooling output, you would have to press the snowflake button. You can cycle through Low and High cooling modes with that button.

Storage and Maintenance

If you feel like you will not be using the unit for an extended amount of time, you should store it properly. For this, start with emptying the tank and getting the cartridge dry. Keeping the AC with a soaked-up cooling cartridge will make it develop an unpleasant smell and mold on it.

You should clean the entire unit and the cooling cartridge weekly when it comes to maintenance. That time frame will keep the unit working optimally for a prolonged time. To get the cartridge cleaned, you can keep it on the top rack of the dishwasher. But do remember to set the “normal cycle” while performing the cleaning.

That said, if you notice a musty smell or mold on the unit, you need to stop using the cartridge. Soak it with a solution of vinegar and water and soak the cartridge with it for 45 to 60 minutes.

Final Words

So, is ChillWell utilizing the get-rich money scheme by offering subpar cooling units? Well, not really! As you can see, the ChillWell AC is highly efficient for getting the air around you cool. And it does have an energy-efficient mechanism, which will help bring down the electricity bills.

For that reason, you can conclude that the positive ChillWell Portable AC reviews were not actually fake. Instead, the users were telling the truth. So, you can just head over to the product sales page and get the AC without thinking twice now!

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