Why Invest in Germany



  • No additional property tax for foreign buyers
  • Housing prices have increased by 32% since 2000
  • Rising rents across the whole of Berlin. Over the past ten years rents have almost doubled
  • The drive is partly due to the sustained high demand for housing, which is expected to continue in view of the refugee migration. Consequently, new letting agreements and prices have increased significantly
  • A strong population increase in the capital. In 2016, Berlin’s population rose by 60.000 inhabitants. That’s the strongest population increase since the reunification
  • The influx is due to refugees and a strong work migration. Berlin has a booming IT and startup economy which attracts many workers from abroad
  • A growing supply gap. 15.000 new apartments are expected to be built in 2017. This is still well below the current requirement of 20.000 residential units per year
  • The low entry barrier. Comparatively low prices, a secure investment and high growth potential mean great value opportunities
  • Berlin is a secure and stable market with a dynamic economy

Source: JLL Residential City Profil – Berlin 2017


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